Fire Employment Solutions (FES) are here to offer you a professional edge and to assist you in achieving your career goals. With over 10 years of providing assistance to our clients, our record speaks for itself - we have over a 90% success rate with our methods. Over 90% of our clients move further along in the recruitment process than previously achieved.  Whether you require help with your cover letter, resume, or interview preparation you can be rest assured that FES has the specialized skills and knowledge to help you succeed in this demanding field.

Package 1 — Cover letter & resume assistance

"Review, Edit & Perfect" is our motto when designing tailored CVs and Resumes. We re-format your CV and resume into a concise, professional and individualized product to ensure you have exactly what the fire department is looking for in candidates.  

Your resume is arranged and edited to maximize its potential to give you the best product available. If you do not have a workable resume, we also offer a full resume service where we create a resume for you using your professional qualifications, employment history, volunteer experience and achievements. Having a standout resume is the first step to ensuring that you are a standout candidate.

$250 $200 — Limited time offer

Package 2 — Interview preparation

You will receive a 2 hour personalized one-on-one coaching session from one of our highly trained FES instructors. We will cover a variety of topics including: answer strategy to demonstrate critical thinking skills, scoring criteria, interview tips, common mistakes made during the interview, an individual skills assessment, and finally, we will help you articulate a comprehensive and relevant story for behavioural based questions.

As a follow-up, a post-interview assessment will be provided to ensure the applicant has no gaps in knowledge and is prepared to succeed in the interview process. 

$250 $200 — Limited time offer

Package 3 — Complete preparation

This is our all-inclusive candidate preparation that includes our resume and interview preparation services for one great package price. This is our best selling package. Save an additional $25 and get the competitive advantage you are looking for.

$500 $375 — Best seller

Package 4 — Firefighter career consulting


FES understands the challenges and difficulties applicants face pursuing firefighting as a career - wasting thousands of dollars and precious time on predatory courses, submitting poorly written cover letters and resumes, applying to every recruitment and never getting a call back - squandering years of your life without moving forward in a recruitment drive. 

We believe that getting the career of your dreams is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. That's why we are offering career consulting to help you in a very practical and tangible way so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence.  FES Career Consulting is a one-on-one consultation aimed to educate candidates on their most efficient path to success. We are here to help you save money and time by designing a personalized plan of action based on your skills and experience and how you can maximize your potential. We provide you the vital information you need to get hired: discover which courses earn you the most points during an application review, understand which volunteer and community involvement opportunities are relevant for your resume, determine which programs fit your personalized needs, and learn the proper layout for all your documents so you can be confident in your application.

Call us today to book an appointment and start pursuing your career seriously.

$150 $100 — Limited time offer